Upright Cabinets GOLD

Upright Cabinets GOLD

The Gold line has the best features that can be found in the professional refrigeration business. In addition to the Plus line features, GOLD has superior performances in terms of energy saving, material quality and functionality. The large digital controller is completely flat for a thoroughly cleaned and the energy saving functions optimize electricity consumption and performance. The high thickness insulation ensures optimal storage inside the cell. The range consists of machines with traditional gases (R134a) but expecially the ecological R290 gas, along with the compressors with inverter. Supplied standard with: no.3 plastic-coated grills and no.6 stainless steel “U” guides for 700 l cabinets, no.6 plasticcoated grills and no.12 stainless steel “U” guides for 1400 l cabinets, lock and key, under-panel light.

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